ke$ha – making jewelry accessories into jewelry assessories?

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Ke$ha Photo Courtesy of Billboard.com   Ke$ha Photo Courtest of Ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com Ke$ha. Ke$ha. Ke$ha. This is an open letter to YOU. We’re not sure what inspired prompted this jewelry-inspired look , but pretty please… slowly raise your hands up…reach down into your scalp….and snatch out every last one of those pyramid studs. We’re going to need you to place them back into the storage baggie that they came from. Ke$ha, there’s no way to say… Read More »ke$ha – making jewelry accessories into jewelry assessories?

Grandma Swagger – Jewelry that Never Goes Out of Style

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Grandma’s Official Necklace It all started with the mound of still shiny, but broken beaded necklace pictured above. My grandmother Jane had passed away. It sparked this liberating blog entry. To say that I felt a huge loss after her death was an understatement. I.was.totally.devastated. I think I admired my grandmother so much because I never saw her break under pressure. With a cool confidence, she spearheaded the home and family, solving… Read More »Grandma Swagger – Jewelry that Never Goes Out of Style

YOU Are Out.

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Here’s the question of the day. Guess what leggy Vicky-secret model has been forced to say Auf Wiedersehen (owf-vee-der-sehn) to her well-liked burgeoning jewelry line?I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you guessed correctly. Yep. Heidi Klum.Word has it that the popular lingerie strutter was business linked with a partner who wasn’t savvy enough to keep their budding Home Shopping Network venture going. But wait, this is where it gets gangsta. Paris jeweler… Read More »YOU Are Out.

Photo of Christina Milian Getting Twisted

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What in the mangled mess?????!!!! Singer/actress Christina Milian of Bring it On movie fame was spotted arriving at her New York City hotel sans her fiance music producer The Dream and her bleached-blonde frontal hair color. (The brunette is sooooo much better on her by the way). But since this is a jewelry blog, let’s refocus on her necklace shall we? While it may appear that Milian may have just gotten fed up and rocked the necklace in all… Read More »Photo of Christina Milian Getting Twisted

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relationships – brand your man, like a cow…with jewelry

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Relationships – Brand Your Man, Like a Cow with Jewelry. I am so not kidding…. It’s the ring  in the photo above, and the creator is Reality TV’s own Malaysia Pargo from Basketball Wives LA. Ranchers brand cows to designate where and who a cow is registered to. Yep, the marriage ring follows the same concept of making an imprint on the skin. So when you take those wedding vows and say… Read More »relationships – brand your man, like a cow…with jewelry

kate middleton screams for the big o jewelry edition

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Kate Middleton, oh Kate Middleton. Ode to all the ladies in the place with style and grace; you have inspired me to pen this untitled poem..There was once a commoner named Kate, Her smile made her one not to hate, A few wanted to wince, when she married the Prince, but Happily Ever After they’ll remain.   Okay, so now back to everything jewelry related. Welcome. I Hope that you like… Read More »kate middleton screams for the big o jewelry edition

Jennifer Love Hewitt – To Vajazzle or Not to Vajazzle…

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Photo courtesy of Veronicamonet.wordpress.comJennifer Love Hewitt Client List TV Show Photo Jennifer Love Hewitt – to Vajazzle or not to Vajazzle, that is the question? Well, Vajazzle of course, at least if you have her tell it. The sultry Client List star was recently at A&E Networks 2012 Upfront Event, where she openly admitted to have her lady parts—accessorized because of it being a special occasion. But I know what you’re going to ask,… Read More »Jennifer Love Hewitt – To Vajazzle or Not to Vajazzle…

kim kardashian’s rocking kanye west roc nation chain…….whoa

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Kim Kardashian’s rocking a Kanye West chain? Well it’s quite possible indeed. The twosome are allegedly a couple, but don’t expect to get full confirmationon it because the ink on Kim Kardashian’s Divorce papers isn’t even dry yet….In fact, it might have been drawn up using a pencil. However, don’t despair if you can’t wait for exhibits A and B to prove the they’re-probably-getting-it-in case. If a photograph is worth a thousand words, then thank you Perez Hilton for… Read More »kim kardashian’s rocking kanye west roc nation chain…….whoa