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Celebrity Gossip – Blake Lively Jewelry Edition

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  “I’M MARRIED NOW!” Blake Lively can happily shout it from the top of the Hollywood Hills. Celebrity Gossip never goes out of style, so let’s start with the latest and greatest in everything involving Celebrities jewelry.  There are lots of weddings about to happen or happening, but the one that I’m going to focus on is that of a Gossip Girl  who is fueling the celebrity gossip mill with all the… Read More »Celebrity Gossip – Blake Lively Jewelry Edition

relationships – brand your man, like a cow…with jewelry

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Relationships – Brand Your Man, Like a Cow with Jewelry. I am so not kidding…. It’s the ring  in the photo above, and the creator is Reality TV’s own Malaysia Pargo from Basketball Wives LA. Ranchers brand cows to designate where and who a cow is registered to. Yep, the marriage ring follows the same concept of making an imprint on the skin. So when you take those wedding vows and say… Read More »relationships – brand your man, like a cow…with jewelry

litter jewelry – shark tank worthy

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Litter Jewelry deserves some kudos for landing a deal with the Shark Tank reality TV show, at least I think so.  I suppose it all goes back to that saying; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I’m not new to this, I’m true to this. because as you mayYou may remember that I  have sent watch repairs london. Litter Jewelry is run by two sisters Mackenzie Burdick and Rachael Mann, and they find (and… Read More »litter jewelry – shark tank worthy