Photo of Christina Milian Getting Twisted

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What in the mangled mess?????!!!! Singer/actress Christina Milian of Bring it On movie fame was spotted arriving at her New York City hotel sans her fiance music producer The Dream and her bleached-blonde frontal hair color. (The brunette is sooooo much better on her by the way). But since this is a jewelry blog, let’s refocus on her necklace shall we? While it may appear that Milian may have just gotten fed up and rocked the necklace in all of it’s entangledness in the first photo, take a gander at the second one. Same necklace. Totally different look. Let’s just get real. Multi-strand necklaces are all the rage these days (I can’t get enough of them. plug.plug. Gemstones replacement and guide but they do sometimes get intertwined. The quick fix involves the use of a simple coat hanger. Hang one end of your necklace on one, give it a shake and proceed to straighten the strands. Oh, and when you’re done, don’t just chuck it back into your jewelry drawer, hang it up so you won ‘t have to stress about it again. I know, I know. I’m an accessory goddess source and you can’t stop wanting to thank me. I get it all the time

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