ke$ha – making jewelry accessories into jewelry assessories?

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Ke$ha Photo Courtesy of
Ke$ha Photo Courtest of

Ke$ha. Ke$ha. Ke$ha. This is an open letter to YOU. We’re not sure what inspired prompted this jewelry-inspired look , but pretty please… slowly raise your hands up…reach down into your scalp….and snatch out every last one of those pyramid studs. We’re going to need you to place them back into the storage baggie that they came from. Ke$ha, there’s no way to say this any

other way. You’re trying way too hard to be relevant. Your Ke$ha Lyrics like Blah, Blah, Blah are enough to peak ignite spark our interest. Consequently, we are hereby pleading for you to let the music be your guide. And if you must consider Spikes and Studs a must have, then please, take a gander at the coolest Spikes and Studs offered in the jewellery repair London below as displayed by yours- truly….That goes for everyone. Let’s all be ROCK-STUDS then……

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