Grandma Swagger – Jewelry that Never Goes Out of Style

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Grandma’s Official Necklace

It all started with the mound of still shiny, but broken beaded necklace pictured above. My grandmother Jane had passed away. It sparked this liberating blog entry. To say that I felt a huge loss after her death was an understatement. I.was.totally.devastated. I think I admired my grandmother so much because I never saw her break under pressure. With a cool confidence, she spearheaded the home and family, solving every one’s problems. And then she would cook. No matter what. Massive meals that make me wonder if she had a Super-woman woman cape hanging in the closet with her Floral house dresses. Her meals (and home-brewed coffee) could rival any top chef. I was in my early twenties when she passed, and though I had tucked away lots of wonderful memories with her in my mind, I couldn’t get past the single bad one of not having her with me anymore. No more warm grandma hugs. No more long talks with the elder who never grew tired of listening to what I had to say. And no more seeing her bursting out in a fit of chuckles while watching Johnny Carson on her bedroom TV set in her pj’s. I suppose that’s when the understanding was forced upon me that these things happen. People are born, but one day they do die. The realization definitely brought out a different behavior in me. I began going through the motions of life, without appreciating the life in me. Too many people have died that I was close to since then. But I won’t digress…Anyway, one Saturday afternoon, as I was scavenging through my jewelry box in search of an earring back, I came across it;the broken beaded necklace. It was given to my by my aunt in remembrance of my Grandmother. The clasp was gone and the chain link was severed due to my neglect, but somehow it still shined like the day she’d gifted it to me. Not that it mattered. It was mixed in with my junk jewelry because to me it had become just that— junk.I’d chosen to totally disassociate the necklace from my grandmother Jane because she’d died, and to me, no necklace could be a substitute. I came across it again a few years later. It still shined. And I was amazed. I knew that the pearls weren’t real and the stones weren’t worth anything. It was costume jewelry, but somehow it was up for standing the test of time. I put in some TLC and revamped it back to what it should be. Wearable.It’s a coveted staple as an accessory, paired with almost any of my wardrobe choices. It’s a Beautiful Staple. Just as my grandmother was. I finally get the connection. Grandma, you’ll always be a Celebrity to me. Unquestionably, that’s why you made the cut on my Celebrity Jewelry Blog.Love Always,CityRockaFashion Costume Jewelry Rocks!

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