Beyonce – Birthing Babies and Showing You Where Brooklyn At?

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Brooklyn Bridge Statement diamond Ring repair near me

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Yes, Beyonce has a baby, and the Super-Mom made an appearance with hubby Jay-Z at the recent Knicks game showcasing a very bold Brooklyn Bridge Ring. Hate to toot-toot my own horn, But chick got the ring from Yep. If you recall, I suppose that I can forgive you if you don’t, I wrote a post entitled BEST JEWELRY : Jewellery restoration London. Noir was on my list for the Gotham City Ring. You See? You’ve got to keep up with me folks. I’m more than just the CEO of a Jewelry Style Blog. I want you to be EVERYTHING. And for the record, I purposefully wrote Where Brooklyn At in the post title…. If you’re not from New York City then you might not understand why, but it’s okay. Get yourself some urban jewelry swag and the rest will follow….

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