Baby Blue Ivy Carter is in the Building – Beyonce’s Jewelry Wish List…..

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Baby Blue  Ivy Carter is in the building alright; the building that is Lenox Hill Hospital, in New York City! The Bouncy singer, and Hubby Jay-Z reportedly welcomed her into the world on Saturday. Now
we already know that this little girl is going to have everything she could ever desire, but since this is a premiere Jewelry Style Blog, I’ve already gone ahead and listed my top three jewelry must-haves for Queen Bee to cop for her little bundle of joy to reign supreme as the Carter’s continue to “Run the World.” Congrats.


1) Diamond ring repair London – It’s the pacifier’s of pacifiers in celebrities jewelry, and it feature over 278 pave cut white diamonds totaling 3 carats with a 14K European white gold. This Diamond Pacifier is an exact replica of a real pacifier featuring a genuine silicone nipple and a real moving handle. Pacifiers can be customized with colored diamonds and engraved with baby’s name, initials, birth date, or birth weight.  And while this pacifier is not made for actual use, we’re sure that baby Carter will be quieted as she becomes mesmerized by all the bling.  The price tag is chump change for her parents at just $17,000. 00 You can get it here.

2) A Swarovski encrusted toilet seat – But of course, why would baby Ivy resort to squatting over a commoners porcelain bowl? This potty comes in bright pink, and it’s on the ready whenever nature calls. It’s $1136.00 right here

3)The Rose gold diaper pin –  We know how much proud poppa Jay-Z loves Jacob the Jeweler, he’s all up in his rap songs. So why wouldn’t Jay naturally purchase the rose gold gold diaper pin With .56 Carats In Pave Diamonds? It even has an evil eye pendant to protect babyBlue from all of the haters. Gots to have it. Check it here.(In an English accent) What, can you please have some more? Scroll on down, for more kid’s jewelry that’ll make your cute one go Ga-Ga…….or gimmie gimmie…..

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