sandy – hurricane necklace that you’d be a dumbbell for not getting…..

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Sandy blew in with a vengeance. It was a hurricane that will be remembered for years and years to come, discussed through generations. Of course Hurricane Sandy brought lots of devastation. The havoc on lives, homes, and communities along the U.S. seaboard is going to require lots of rebuilding, and lots of clean up, but it can be done. No one wanted to believe that Sandy was going to be as destructive as it was, but now we can see that it was worse than anything that a lot of us could ever have imagined. As we view the news, I know to many of us, it might seem as though we’re watching an action movie with special effects. Unfortunately, Sandy, Hurricane Sandy, whatever you want to call it—–was all too real. But what can we do? Well, aside from donating to the red cross, here’s a little something that you can wear close to your heart. It’s a DUMBBELL necklace, actually, it’s called the BUILD UP THE GIVING NECKLACE.  The concept  comes from philanthropist Joan Hornig, who has dedicated her life to non-profits and supporting worthy causes. The Sandy, Build up the Giving Necklace is sterling silver and it retails for $80.22. Hopefully, it shouldn’t be considered too pricey when you find out that 100% of the proceeds goes towards the CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE. The jewelry piece will also serve as a reminder of being strong, and moving forward. I’m sure that it will be a conversation piece as well. You’ll probably get others to want to be a part of giving back, in a way which will have them feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. We can all move on from Sandy. We can live and learn, and be wiser the next time. Our goal should be to change negatives into a positives.  Here’s where you can get yourself one. Storm Tropical storm, storm tropical storm, storm tropical storm. We are unstoppable as a people.

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