relationships – brand your man, like a cow…with jewelry

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Relationships – Brand Your Man, Like a Cow with Jewelry. I am so not kidding…. It’s the ring  in the photo above, and the creator is Reality TV’s own Malaysia Pargo from Basketball Wives LA. Ranchers brand cows to designate where and who a cow is registered to. Yep, the marriage ring follows the same concept of making an imprint on the skin. So when you take those wedding vows and say I DO, it’s FOREVER,EVER,EVER.  For Real. Think about how great it would be to have your mate rocking a  brand. Relationships, relationships, relationships. They do mean a lot. Take a minute to ponder on the idea behind this jewelry piece.  Glenn Close may have never had that FATAL ATTRACTION….The Bill Clinton scandal might have never gone down had such a marital reminder accessory existed where it could be seen right at  intern eye level. The jewelry invention is clever, but it was probably one designed from necessity,  to keep those money-grubbing thirsty groupies away from her baller husband. It was clever to expand the idea into keeping women on the prowl away from ALL HUSBANDS; to strengthen relationships that should remain strong. Can you think of a better way to say hands off  the husband when the wife is not around? Maybe it won’t keep all  the trash bags away, but it may deter the ones with some moral fiber. Pargo thought outside of the jewelry box, but the marriage ring is not her first jewelry-making endeavor. Previously, the Basketball Wives LA Celebrity  teamed up with Jason of Beverly Hills ( he designed the 2010 LA Lakers Championship Ring), doing designs under jewellery repair near me. Three Beats is all children’s jewelry, the name was inspired by her three own three little ones. But the marriage ring, baby, it’s a new ball game that’s all adult for this Compton Mom whose determined to prove that there is life over and beyond being a Basketball Wife. Okay, I know what you all want to know. “Cityrocka, would you ever ask your husband to rock a marriage ring?  Do You think it would be healthy for a relationship?” The answer is a resounding Yes. As more of a novelty jewelry piece which is unique, at the end of the day for me it’s just about having a sense of humor. But I wouldn’t force him to wear it, because we all know that someone can cheat with or without a ring—-or a branding for that matter. So, if the kids jewelry or marriage ring doesn’t strike your fancy, then check out my finds, where there is something perfectly suited for everyone about to be hitched…..

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