Trendsetters – Jewelry That You Have to See to Believe…

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Trendsetters – Jewelry That You Have to See to Believe…There are two things that I know for certain when it comes to jewelry. 1)Jewelry trends come and go 2) You’ll always hold the classic jewelry pieces near and dear to your heart. But what about those necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets which just have the ability to grab your attention? What is about those particular pieces that makes you want to wear it, step out on the scene and show it off? I personally adore it when someone asks me where I got my jewelry from because I like to consider myself to be a trendsetter, or one who doesn’t select jewelry that you see every day. So for your viewing pleasure, I’m hoping to inspire you into jewelry shipping for trendsetter pieces which will take your style to new heights and make you the leader of the trendsetter pack. Just in time for the upcoming Halloween Holiday, I’ve started by showing you The Zombie Costume Necklace above. It’s a necklace, but it looks all too real doesn’t it? I bet you’d be a trendsetter with this one….

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Next up, is a pixelated necklace, crafted from low resolution computer images and scored leather. It’s a guaranteed conversation starter, and oh-so-futuristic. You would literally be like walking art. To see more fab designs by  fab jewelry designers Mike and Maaike, go here. 

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Candy jewelry has come a long way since those stretchy bracelets and colored Gem Ring pops. Go on and and be amazed by what you see, and then become more amazed with the knowledge that it’s all edible too. I know, ironically the watch pictured above only serves as eye candy. You want to see more? then take a gander over at Dreampusher candy creations. The candy grillz? I want them. If they don’t read as trendsetter, then I don’t know what will. I could go on for days with my jewelry finds, but I’ll save some for later. Hopefully, you’re looking at your jewelry right now and thinking that you really need to step it up. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find trendsetting jewelry in unexpected places. It might be a family heirloom, sitting around in some jewelry box that’s just in need of a little TLC. Is it a jewelry piece that you can add to to make it more modern? Do it. Be unstoppable and blaze paths…. For the rest of you lazy bums, I’ve scouted out a few more trendsetting pieces to get you fired up….They’re not as original but they sure are pretty…..

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