In Style – Jewelry Trends for Fall and Winter 2012/2013

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into being a jewelry trendsetter. So what’s going to make you run out and spend your hard earned greenbacks? What can you buy to dress up your Blah wardrobe from last year? Well read on, I’ve listed the Six top Jewelry Trends that will make you forever changed, as in you, but in style and better.

1) Layering – Don’t be afraid to mix and match your existing jewelry. Mix it up until it looks like a brand new piece. Guess what, you’re in style!

2) A Pop of Color – A pop of color is going to be everything, just as it was during the warm weather months. Think brights and neon’s, stones in necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. This is a trend which won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon, because think about it, who doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd?

3)Flesh Tone – Yes, I said it, flesh tone, flesh tone, flesh tone. You saw it on just about every woman and their mother in footwear, and now it’s made its way onto a jewelry display case near you. You’ll see lots of cabochon beads, milky stones, and chunky jewelry silhouettes in style.

4) Nature – Nature as in, it’s the call of the wild that will have you wanting to layer up on earthy colors, muted neutrals, and turquoise. Floral accents, leather and suede pieces and animal prints will have you howling at the moon. Awhoooo…..Awhooo…..

5) Tribal – Tribal as in Tribal Jewelry will be all the rage. You’d better believe that there won’t be anything square about going tribal which entails wearing an explosion of collar necklaces, geometric shapes, textured stampings, polished gold and silvers, movable parts, and seed beads.

6)Disco – Disco jewelry will be so stylish that it’ll have the late, great, Donna Summer snapping her fingertips. Triangular jewelry will shape your future particularly with earrings—-throwback bring out your door knockers, dazzle in enamel jewelry, and impress with high shine in plated gold, silver, and coppers.

Who’s feeling stylishly challenged? Not a problem. You know that Cityrocka is always ready to keep you in style with that new-new. Scroll on down….and get you some….

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