Rachel Zoe – Buy her Old Hand Me Downs?

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At first I was going to post about some of the many women celebrities who have jumped onto the popular trend of wearing oversized mens watches, but I’ve decided to make it all about me (and when I say me, I mean you too) and do a product review because I’m also in love with wearing what’s been dubbed “the boyfriend watch” as well. I can’t seem to stop keeping mine out of heavy rotation even though I own well over a half dozen other watches. So what is a boyfriend watch you may ask? Well as I stated earlier, it’s an oversized men’s style watch. It’s supposed to convey a bold look and hang ever so slightly on the wrist. Think about that cozy feeling that you get from sleeping in one of your boyfriend’s tees. That’s exactly it, and it’s super sexy.


Anyways, I went on a hunt for an affordable one about three months ago, after leafing through a magazine and seeing a model rocking one in a Cartier ad. I decided to go with Rachel Zoe’s version, because I like her jewelry style. For those of you who don’t know, she’s a fashion stylist to the stars. So I kind of feel like she styled me because I own her watch. She generally wears lots of Chanel jewelryand mixes vintage with new pieces along with her wardrobe. So guess where I wound up ordering my watch from? QVC peoples. Yep, and I like it, I like it a lot. It arrived in four days, nicely boxed up with a five-year warranty included. There are three colors to choose from, gold tonerose tone, and silver tone. I went with the silver because gold can sometimes be too gaudy and the copper would have been an even riskier move mainly because I didn’t know what to expect with the product. I wasn’t disappointed. The watch doesn’t look cheap at all, not like I only paid $52.00 (80.00 retail value) for it. It’s light-weight and the wristband has polished and matte links, which gives it a really high end feel. It was a little too big, so I had a couple of links removed, and now it sits nicely swayed on my wrist. I also like the watch face, which is exactly what I was looking for. It’s a pretty creamy mother of pearl, and the numbers on it are laid out simply and very easy to read if you need to do a quick time check. The one thing that I did have some concerns about was how the pave’ bezel would look. Before it arrived, I just hoped it wouldn’t be too viva Las Vegas glitzy—and it wasn’t. It’s a nice amount of sparkle, and so far I’ve been getting lots of compliments on it. Most people think it’s a really expensive watch. I will say that I have been keeping what I wear with it modest though. Because of all of the bling, I‘ve just been wearing studs and my simpler silver pieces. Out of one to five stars I’d definitely rate it a five. It’s a must have in regards to Fall 2010 Style Trends—a fashion jewelry piece that you can put with something more expensive and look fabulous in. oh and I’ve got the copper tone on my wish list radar. Copper jewelry is going to be “the business” come this fall. Just WATCH and see. Pun intended.

Taylor From the Rachel Zoe Show

Oh, and btw (by-the-way), looky-looky at who else was spotted wearing her boyfriend watch on an old episode. Remember Taylor? (Rachel’s former assistant) from the Rachel Zoe reality show? I really liked her thorny style, but I think it’s just catastrophic that she was (allegedly) caught stealing from her boss Rachel Zoe….On the upside, I do think that Taylor would look great in stripes had she been carted off to jail….What really has me bugging out is how much publicity swagger home-girl has been getting since being booted from the show. The former-fly-Zoe-chick seems to be getting more press than ever.XXVABJWMGCDBTweet

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