style 2012 – the celine id necklace dominates…

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Kim Kardashian Celine ID Necklace Style 2012 The Celine ID Necklace Dominates…
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Kim Kardashian In Silver Celine Necklace

Style 2012 – The Celine ID Choker Necklace Dominates…I mean, it dominates on style to the MAX. It’s SLEEK, it’s HUGE, and it has a CLASSIC feel while still looking EDGY. If you’re already thinking, “That necklace is way too big,” then you’re probably not the one to pull off this look. If you’re thinking1) that the metal appears to be so smooth 2) It’s such a statement piece 3)I wonder where I can buy it from? Then Ding!Ding!Ding! You  deserve to saunter out in this one. As of lately, I’ve been going through my vast jewelry collection, and thinking that I might one to separate my haves from my have-not’s jewelry. If your jewelry isn’t stand out or sentimental to you, then it may be junk. Basically, I ‘m encouraging you all to get a little bolder, to be a little braver in not being that person who says,”I wish that I could wear that…” You can, you just have to tailor it to you. And while we’re speaking on the subject of Celine, I do wonder if everyone knows the brand. Who the heck is behind Celine? I know that you want to interrogate me under a penetratingly hot spot-light. Okay, so I’m pretty sure that you’ve at least heard of the name Celine…..The Celine Tote bags are all the rage right now, set your sight on the splendor below….

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Yep, It one of those She/he(s) Gotta Have It accessory pieces. Let’s all thank the creative designer behind everything Celine, Phoebe Philo in advance. Take a crash course on why she lives to have us all accessorizing our asses off  HERE. Celebrities are flocking to the Celine Brand like you wouldn’t even believe. RihannaJennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are just a few. Gaze lovingly at the pics…. The price tag on the Celine necklace will run you $985 for the gold, and around $940 for the silver version. You can cop it at Barney’s, and nope, it’s not available online unless you can find yourself a verifiable EBay Seller……

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Rihanna in gold Celine ID Necklace
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Jennifer Lopez in a Gold Celine NecklaceOh, and there are Celine ID Bracelets too if you want the style but can’t work up the courage to go for the necklace.Photo courtesy of
Celine Id BraceletsSo, now that I’ve properly ID’d you, I’ll tap into your thoughts one last time for this posting. “Cityrocka, I really love the Celine ID Necklace and the Celine ID Bracelets, but I can’t afford them. What’s the broke and fabulous to do?”  Keep it moving, and scroll on down….I’ve got your back…..Actually no, I’ve got your neck and wrist covered……..:)

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