kate middleton screams for the big o jewelry edition

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Kate Middleton, oh Kate Middleton. Ode to all the ladies in the place with style and grace; you have inspired me to pen this untitled poem..There was once a commoner named Kate,

Her smile made her one not to hate,

A few wanted to wince, when she married the Prince,

but Happily Ever After they’ll remain.  

Okay, so now back to everything jewelry related. Welcome. I Hope that you like the look of the new Cityrockajewelrystyle-blog.  The envious ones (the thieving impostors who didn’t put a dash in the new domain name which originally belonged to me) encouraged me to step my jewelry style blog game up. Anyways, I’ve got a request. I’d like the majority of the blogosphere to shut up already about Kate Middleton. It seems that she is  wearing a lovely ring that it has been Ring Shank Repair It seems that Gossip Girl isn’t the only spotter of in style. Throw your pinkie-rings up and read the next line along with me now. Kate Middleton was recently seen wearing a Cartier Trinity Necklace. This is how it made the “It” List. It’s pictured above. It’s design is based on three O’s.  That’s right, naughty you for thinking anything else.  It’s Cartier. 

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