Jennifer Love Hewitt – To Vajazzle or Not to Vajazzle…

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Client List TV Show Photo

Jennifer Love Hewitt – to Vajazzle or not to Vajazzle, that is the question? Well, Vajazzle of course, at least if you have her tell it. The sultry Client List star was recently at A&E Networks 2012 Upfront Event, where she openly admitted to have her lady parts—accessorized

because of it being a special occasion. But I know what you’re going to ask, Cityrocka, but what is Vajazzle? Don’t fret as I fill you in and bring you into the know.Vajazzling is a process where you get your private pubic parts “decorated with decorative gemstones.” It’s like the difference between visiting the desert and visiting the Las Vegas Strip. Everything is all paved, lit up and pretty in lights. Peep the totally suitable for work example below. Vajazzling is how low can you go though folks. And no, it doesn’t hurt, the crystals have an adhesive on the back. It’ll last you for 3 to 5 days, all depending on what you’re doing after it’s applied….. Photo courtesy of Westseattlefunblog.comVajazzle photoIf you aren’t a BRaveheart or a Jennifer Love Hewitt, then I’d go with a safer bet that will last you much longer. To-die-for Colored Gemstone Jewelry or gemstone replacement on a ring that will make you think you’ve dug up a a buried treasure chest.Today, right now make it happen, you know how…..Shiver me timbers!

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