e drop – corri mcfadden jewelry worth it or not?

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E drop – Corri Mcfadden Jewelry Worth it or Not? Jewellery repair near me,Well, I’m not saying that it is…and I’m not saying that it isn’t. But here’s what I do know. It’s more than simply an e drop in the bucket. Meet Corri Mcfadden, the founder of e drop off, and the breakout reality star of
VH1′s reality tv show’s House of Consignment. People love designer shoes and designer clothes, so I initially just wanted to tune in to see what they’d be willing to give up, and for how much. Then I found myself becoming less captivated by people’s old Gucci bags and expired gowns and more taken in by the fab jewelry that Corri Mcfadden and her e drop work team were wearing. I heart her monogram necklace and I’m totally convinced that this chick struck a deal with the DEVIL to score most of the vintage jewelry pieces that I’ve seen her in. No really. And just when I was ready to give up my left arm ( I can always wear rings and bracelets on the right one) to get a gander at her personal jewelry box she showed it! I was drooling on my keyboard. Peep just some of her stuff below for yourself. I spy an Hermes bracelet…I spy a Cartier watch….

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