2012 Fashion Trends – Jewelry That Never Really Goes out of Style

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Who wants 2012 Fashion Trends; jewelry That Never Really Goes out of Style right this very second? Every freakin one, that’s who. If we want to look for timeless, then lets go vintage, back to that infamous addage that everything old is new again. But pause—my Cityrockajewelrystyleblog readers, everyone doesn’t have some tainted
chains awaiting them inside of their great grandmother’s jewelry box to pull from. All you need is the inspirationfrom somewhere else. How about scouring through some old photos? How about looking at some vintage jewelry online using Google images? Believe me when I tell you, you’ll find something that peaks your interest. Reality television show star, Skinny Girl Margarita entrepreneur, and chef Bethenny Frankel did it. No, we’re not going to talk about Bethenny Frankel recipes, this is about her jewelry. The one in particular that she’s been spotted in as of lately is similar to the vintage Bulgari coin necklace which is pictured in the photo above. For real, and what’s not to love about it? It’s Bulgari, so that means that the cost of it is the equivalent of you, never mind just get your gold plating service jewellery. But this is classic jewelry, really classic jewelry, the kind that you can hand down to your kids. And it’s versatile. You can wear it with your Gap tee, or slip it on with a cute plain dress, or put it on with a turtleneck before you head out of the door on your way to work. But what if I can’t find any inspirations? What if I want Bulgari and celebrity style, but you cannot afford well in that case bring your old jewellery repair london bridge I can hear you whining about it through my computer screen… Scroll on down for some of those 2012 Fashion Trends that never really goes out of style …..It’s about inspiration people, and if you don’t feel inspired then you will continue to be a Plain Jane who will always blend into the background. Guess what, that’s not you. You’re better than that. And if you’re not better than that, then click on the X and beat it, because I only associate myself with fashionistas(os) who want to win at  upping their Style Game. Now Scroll on down already……

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