kim kardashian’s rocking kanye west roc nation chain…….whoa

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Kim Kardashian’s rocking a Kanye West chain? Well it’s quite possible indeed. The twosome are allegedly a couple, but don’t expect to get full confirmation
on it because the ink on Kim Kardashian’s Divorce papers isn’t even dry yet….In fact, it might have been drawn up using a pencil. However, don’t despair if you can’t wait for exhibits A and B to prove the they’re-probably-getting-it-in case. If a photograph is worth a thousand words, then thank you Perez Hilton for only a few moments of clarity.

Kim Kardashian’s walk of shame
Photo Courtesy of Perezhilton.comNow back to our regularly scheduled jewelry gossip….So, if Kim Kardashian does wind up wearing a Kanye West chain, we’ll definitely know that she’s his official girl, correct? Kim would be showing her allegiance to her new man, without rushing into the whole marriage thing, which she has yet to get right in finding her true love. But which necklace do you think that it will be? Oh, didn’t I tell you? Turns out that it might not be a Roc Nation necklace that she accessorizes her exaggerated shoulder blazers with at all.Chick just might saunter out into the streets in a YEEZI necklace. Yes, it does exist. The nameplate necklaces were debuted on sky-high supermodels strutting down a runway for his Ready to Wear Collection a while back. Peep the pics below.Photo courtesy of and Dresslikekanyewest.comPhoto courtesy of and Dresslikekanyewest.comGuess it really doesn’t matter which chain she wears. It would still mean building on the Kim Kardashian Brand and the Kanye West Brand. To get your own nameplate flow, you’ve got to see what I’ve pulled up for you. You know what to do to make it happen…

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